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Finally, a bit of good news: some national parks are reopening

As they straggle forth from long weeks of isolation, Canadians seeking a path headed toward something resembling sanity were thrown a lifeline on Wednesday. Federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkerson told The Canadian Press that 29 of the country’s 48 national »

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Ravaged land to be restored by a unique partnership

An area of untold beauty was severely damaged by a logging operation but will now be taken over and restored by Indigenous peoples and a non-profit conservation group. The Kumdis Slough area is part of the stunning archipelago off Canada’s »

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Dolphins delight ferry passengers

Canada’s Pacific coast boasts an archipelago of great beauty. © CBC Many islands, many ferries There are many ferries that operate on Canada’s Pacific coast and in addition to seeing the fabulous scenery there, some passengers got to see several white-sided »