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Statue of Cornwallis, city founder removed: rewriting history?

(public commenting open at very bottom of page) Edward Cornwallis was a British career officer when he arrived in the rough lands of Nova Scotia in 1749. His orders were to create a colony with his 2,500 settlers and soldiers,» 

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Police want more officers to fight ‘prolific’ growth of Halifax biker gangs

Mildred: (Peggy Malay) “Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?” Johnny: (Marlin Brando) “Whadda you got?” The Wild One (1953) It’s every city or town’s nightmare, probably has been since Marlon Brando’s striking movie The Wild One was released in» 

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High winds wreck Christmas for thousands in Nova Scotia

Hydro crews are working full out today after high winds on Christmas Day knocked out electricity to almost 90,000 people in the Maritime province of Nova Scotia. Winds gusted up to 110 km/hr and Hydro officials called the damage “significant.”» 

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History Canada: Dec. 6, 1917: WWI strikes Halifax

Worst domestic tragedy in Canada, the biggest man-made, non-nuclear explosion in history. In was December 6, 1917 and deadly war in Europe still dragged on with its massive destruction and horrific toll in lives. Canada’s east coast port city of» 

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New stamp honours 100th anniversary of Canada’s worst domestic tragedy

Exactly 100 years ago on December 6 1917, the bustling Canadian port city of Halifax Nova Scotia was destroyed. Some 2,000 people died, immediately or shortly thereafter, and another 9,000 suffered a variety of injuries. It was surely one of» 

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Another historic Canadian figure under fire

He founded Halifax, but put a bounty on aboriginals. Edward Cornwallis, once an honoured figure in Canada’s history, has fallen into disrepute recently. Honoured for the creation of one of Canada’s major cities, which in turn led to the development» 

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Nova Scotia to help with first time home buying

Most of the news from Canada involving home purchases these past couple of years has involved stories dealing with the skyrocketing prices in major cities which seem to be rising month after month. For most low and middle income earners,» 

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Airport expands to handle lobster export boom

Halifax Stanfield International Airport in eastern Canada has expanded to accommodate an increase in the export of lobster, reports Canadian Press. It’s expected $15 million worth of lobster will be shipped by the end of December to as far away» 

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Update- Lancaster KB-882- saved, at last!

It is one of last, if not the very last, restorable Lancaster bombers in the world.. The Lancaster is one of the most iconic aircraft of the Second World War. As for KB-882, it is not only an actual war veteran,» 


Halifax memorial honours WWI soldiers

A memorial was unveiled in the eastern city of Halifax today to honour the tens of thousands of Canadian soldiers who left from there to fight in World War I and never returned. Canada was a colony of Britain so»