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Controversial pipeline project temporarily closed down over safety issues

Canada’s Trans Mountain Expansion project has been controversial since it was first proposed in 2013 by U.S,-based Kinder Morgan. The project known as TMX seeks to build a second approximately 1,100 kilometre pipeline along the route of an existing one. »

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COVID-19: Avoid reverse infection-scientists halt field research on bats

North American scientists are being advised to stop field work with bats to avoid a transfer of the COVID-19 virus back into wildlife. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service has sent an advisory to biologists there who do research with »

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Boeing Max 8: further delays, production stoppage, airline costs

Boeing has announced it will suspend production of its 737 Max8 model starting in January. The news has meant a halt to current expansion plans for three of Canada’s airlines, and likely for other international carriers as well.With the addition »