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CFL announces new Grey Cup format…IF AND WHEN

It’s never been the Super Bowl, thank God. In fact, the Grey Cup is a whole lot older and most Canadians would likely tell you it’s a whole lot better. That is a matter for debate at a later date. »


Scuffles broke out at Maxime Bernier event in Hamilton

A protest outside an event by People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier in Hamilton, Ontario, turned violent Sunday evening as demonstrators attempted to block supporters of the newly created right-wing party from attending a panel discussion with American YouTuber and political »

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Hamilton leads Canada in hate crime reports, again

Following a record 47 per cent surge in hate crimes in 2017, Canada saw the number of police-reported of that nature fall by 13 per cent last year. However, despite the slight decline, the number of hate crimes in 2018–1,798 »

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Canadian university working with NASA towards Mars mission

NASA wants to send astronauts to Mars by about 2030. It is in the process of working out all the possible scenarios for such a mission by testing and analysing scenarios here on Earth that resemble as closely as possible »


2 Ontario paramedics charged in death of Good Samaritan

Two paramedics in the southern Ontario city of Hamilton are facing criminal charges for failing to provide adequate care to a fatally wounded 19-year-old who was shot last year as he tried to break up a fight. Yosif Al-Hasnawi, a »


Police link Hamilton violence to anarchist book fair

When marauding vandals dressed in black and wearing face masks took to the streets of downtown Hamilton, Ontario on Saturday night setting off firecrackers, hurling rocks through storefront windowns and overturning cars and recycling bins, Canadians were shocked and horrified. »

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One-third of big city trips could be bicycled: study

Fourteen million trips are made every day in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton agglomeration and one-third of those could be made by bicycle, suggests a new report. It found one of the keys to boosting cycling potential would be to »

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Canadian house price increases: bad for cities and price rise spreading out

The ever-present concern of skyrocketing house prices in major cities now has at least one mayor very concerned. Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson says high house prices and rents are driving families, the young people, and pensioners out of his city. »


History May 23, 1814- the Bloody Assize begins

We like to think that we were removed from barbarian practices of the middle ages, perhaps not quite so removed.  An incident in Canada during the War of 1812 saw men’s heads lopped off and paraded on spikes. At the »

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Toronto and Victoria red hot real estate market for the rich

What’s the hottest luxury real estate market? Would you be surprised to learn it’s Auckland, New Zealand?  That city had a 63 percent sales growth over last year. The second hottest in the world? Toronto. It’s luxury market grew 48 »