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Invasive beetle destroying Ash trees

Many of Canada’s majestic city trees are being devastated by invasive species. Currently several cities are being obliged to cut down large Elm trees, many over 100 years old, victims of a fungus – Dutch Elm Disease – borne by» 


Campaign wants fresh food back in Ontario hospitals

It’s time to bring back fresh food to hospitals in Ontario, says the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU). In May, the OCHU launched the Keep Hospitals Cooking campaign to pressure hospitals to serve freshly prepared meals, instead of reheated» 

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Raid on counterfeit sales

Its become a scourge to brand names. Counterfeiters who make copies of brand name products are selling vast numbers of products ranging from fake expensive watches, to fake down-filled coats, to DVDs. In the southern Ontario city of Hamilton this» 

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Re-creating extinct species; We might see woolly mammoths soon

Hamilton scientist says recreating mammoths technologically possible in just a few decades, the passenger pigeon perhaps sooner  Who hasn’t heard of the 1993 hit film Jurassic Park? At the time, scientists considered it to be mostly a complete fantasy, that»