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Health Canada interim measure to increase supply of hand sanitizer

Health Canada announced last night that they are making access to products such as hand sanitizer, disinfectants, masks and gowns, easier due to the growing demand and need for those products during the COVID-19 outbreak. These products are normally subject »


VIA Rail enforces special measures to deal with COVID-19

VIA Rail, Canada’s national passenger rail service, announced yesterday that it is enforcing special health and safety measures to deal with COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, outbreak.  According to a press release, VIA Rail said that they have increased daily »


Canadian holistic medicine clinic warned over coronavirus treatment products

The United States Food and Drug Administration has sent a warning letter to the Vivify Holistic Clinic, a holistic medicine clinic based in Sarnia, Ontario, for selling products that are intended to treat, or prevent COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus. »


Vaping prevalent among young Canadians

According to new data released earlier this week from Statistics Canada, vaping is more prevalent among younger Canadians. Survey results said that in 2019 15 per cent of teenagers aged 15 to 19 reported that they had vaped 30 days »

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USB wall chargers subject to recall in Canada

Health Canada has warned Canadians to pay attention when buying USB wall chargers. Several of them are being subject to a recall after a test by Health Canada revealed that some of them can cause burns, shocks or be a »

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Members of Canada’s LGBTQ want Health Canada to amend blood donation wait times

Canadian LGBTQ advocates want Health Canada to go further in changing parts of its blood donation policy. The advocates are calling for a gender-neutral approach, building on changes made this spring when the federal agency reduced the wait period for »

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Cancer professionals are worried about shortage of some important drugs.

Oncologists and pharmacists in Canada are sounding an alarm over a shortage of three vital cancer drugs and they want Ottawa to take action on the matter. Health Canada says it is doing just that. The scarce drugs are Vinorelbine, »

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Groups fear U.S. demand will overwhelm Canadian medicine supply

Fifteen Canadian organizations representing patients, health professionals, hospitals, and pharmacists are urging Ottawa to take action to prevent what they say could be the “draining of Canada’s medicine supply.” which is already dealing with shortages. The letter to Health Minister »

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As many chow down on Beyond Meat burgers, others express concern

As Canada heads to a fall election, count on a lot of politicians and pundits to remind the rest of us about the importance of so-called kitchen table issues–jobs, taxes, social security, health care, the economy–issues people supposedly discuss around »

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Trudeau and Scheer square off over revamped Food Guide

Wow! A real-life food fight. The combatants: the two men who will face off in a general election this fall to decide who leads the country as Canada’s next prime minister. Let’s be perfectly clear: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and »