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Survey: New office work space trends are actually counter-productive

Open-office and unassigned work desks, i.e., not dedicated to a particular person but open to anyone who needs a spot, are relatively recent office trends. A new survey finds that a majority of workers find such ideas unappealing and that» 

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Canadians quarantined on cruise ship in Japan

Just off the coast of Japan, 251 Canadians are quarantined on a cruise ship. Out of the 3,700 people on board the cruise operated by Princess Cruises, 10 have tested positive for the coronavirus.  None of those who tested positive» 

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Quebec investigating 3 more cases of coronavirus

Quebc’s ministry for health and social services announced yesterday evening that it is investigating three cases of the 2019 Novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV. Another patient had already been tested negative for the virus. Last Friday, the province said that they» 

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EU bans another neonic insecticide, Canada stalls

Concerns include human health issues The European Commission this week voted not to renew the approval for ‘thiacloprid’ a Bayer /Monsanto insecticide marketed there under the brands Calypso and Biscaya. This is the fourth neonicotinoid insecticide that has been banned» 

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Newly identified threat from e-cigarettes, vaping

It was one of Canada’s first cases of lung problems associated with “vaping”. Now doctors have released findings to show this may be the first case of a different and potentially deadly illness associated with e-cigarette use which differs from» 

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Let your moustache raise money for men’s health

If you suddenly see more men with a moustache than usual, don’t be afraid…. They do it for a good cause. Since 2003, the month of November has resonated with Movember for many men around the world who grow a» 

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‘Alarming’ number of children suffer damage from poor diets: UNICEF

The humanitarian organization, UNICEF, says an alarmingly high number of children around the world are suffering the consequences of poor diets and a food system that is failing them. A new report suggests that 149 million children are too short» 

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Vaping illness report raises alarm in Canada

In light of a recent report from the Mayo Clinic in the U.S., the Canadian Cancer Society is calling for urgent action and regulation of vaping. Over 1,000 people have developed a sudden respiratory illness and at least 16 have» 

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Workplace issues affect doctor’s health: survey

Almost one-third of Canada’s doctors have experienced burn-out and results of a survey suggest several reasons why. The Canadian Medical Association which represents more than 75,000 doctors and residents has delved into the results of a survey it conducted earlier» 

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Red meat findings: don’t lose faith in science

After years of being warned to limit consumption of red and processed meats, people were confounded by a new study that says there is no evidence that eating reasonable amounts is harmful. Researchers looked at the many existing studies on»