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Clean up your backyard as Yukon authorities warn against bear intrusions

As winter approaches, animals are preparing for it. This is the case for bears in the Yukon Territory in northern Canada. The problem is that they tend to go into people’s backyards to find food, such as berries in bushes, »

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Beware waking bears, warn city officials

It’s spring in Canada and bears which hibernate during the long winter months are waking up and coming out of their dens. They are usually pretty hungry upon waking and that means it’s time to take special precautions in places »

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Bears awake early from hibernation

It seems bears around the world in northern climes are awakening from their winter hibernation as much as a month earlier than normal. The Montreal Ecomuseum reports that its two black bears emerged from hibernation yesterday and wandered around in »

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Warm winters: havoc for hibernating creatures, fish, trees

It’s not “normal”. Winters in Canada are supposed to be long and consistently cold. In recent years, that’s not been happening. Yesterday a warm front a few degrees above zero moved through much of eastern Canada bringing with it extensive »