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Unique town hall now a national historic site

The Paris Town Hall is said to  be the first edifice built in the Gothic Revival style in North America and now the Canadian government has designated it a National Historic site. It was built in 1854 in the small »

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Canada history: Nov 5, 1939, the national time signal begins

It was on this day that Canada’s longest running, and shortest radio broadcast began. It’s the official time signal from the National Research Council (NRC) broadcast on the public radio network ever since, with other networks sometime joining in. The »

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D-Day 75: Restoration of invasion workhorse

Another example of both aviation and military history which was close to being lost forever, is now being revived. An ageing cargo plane which had been sitting neglected at airfield south of Montreal turned out to be not just any »

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History recovered from the sea: 19th century rifles

(public comments open at bottom of all RCI stories- Comments will be posted after moderating) A most unusual historical find is slowly nearing it’s first appearance in public after spending about 150 years on the sea floor off Canada’s east »

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Canada history: Aug 16, 1947, first flight of the Beaver

It was perhaps not a particularly remarkable event that day, but one that has had huge repercussions world-wide since. On August 16, 1947,  a brand new type of plane took off from the DeHavilland factory and airstrip at Downsview, just »


Vintage plane crash at Canadian airshow

A WW-II era biplane crashed this weekend at a major annual airshow event in British Columbia. The DeHavilland Dragon Rapide 3 was carrying several passengers when it came down hard just after takeoff shortly after the airshow events  for the »

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New Brunswick’s historic covered bridges..slowly disappearing

They’re all little older or a little younger than the 100 year mark, but they’re also slowly disappearing. They are the covered bridges of New Brunswick and these were once were fairly common in many areas of North America as »

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Halloween pumpkins like you’ve never seen

In recent years some talented people have taken the typical Hallowe’en pumpkin carving (jack-o-lantern) to a new and artistic level. This year however, an historic site in Ontario has set a whole new standard in artistic carving. As with all »


Windsor to restore antique streetcar

The southwestern Ontario city of Windsor Ontario, long a major centre of manufacturing and distilling, has another claim to fame. Known alternatively as trams or trolleys, Windsor was the first city in Canada to have electric “streetcars”.  Like many other »

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….Gone.  Communications historic, heritage building torn down

It was a 10 year effort to save the Commercial Cable Building in Cape Breton, but it’s gone now forever. The building was erected in 1888 and an entire company community, Hazel Hill, was built around it for the employees »