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Canada celebrates 56 years of the Maple Leaf flag

Canada is celebrating National Flag Day today. It has been 56 years since Canada first raised its iconic red and white Maple Leaf flag, on Feb. 15, 1965. “Every day, the Maple Leaf flies in our communities, at Canadian diplomatic »

Internet, Science & Technology

Montreal, Centre of the A.I. World|#1 The Canadian Journey

From its late start in the 1980s through the AI winter and the resurgence of the industry in the 2010s, artificial intelligence has long been part of Canadian history. Today, the country is among the world leaders in AI research, »


Experts come to the defence of Canada’s founder

This week (January 11) marked the anniversary of the 1815 birth of Canada’s founder and first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald Long revered in Canadian history there are countless institutions across the country named in his honour, and many »

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Canada history: Nov 24, 1987 an icon of cuisine is gone

The story of cooking legend Julia Child once a household kitchen name, has been revived  and her legend increased thanks to the 2009 hit movie Julie and Julia starring Meryl Streep. However equally famous if not more so in Canadian »

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Canada history: Nov 16, 1857- VC for courageous black Canadian

On this date William  Neilson Edward Hall of Nova Scotia, was in a desperate battle advancing a heavy 24-pounder naval gun amidst the deadly hail of musket balls, smoke and the mayhem of battle in India against Sepoy rebels. For »


Canada History, Nov 13, 1981 Canada’s arm in space

In 1981 many of the world’s space scientists and engineers were watching what was going on in orbit around the Earth.  It was going to be a test of an incredibly innovative new space tool the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System. »


Remembrance: Canada’s reluctance to talk about its courageous military history

As we approach Remembrance Day on the 11th when Canadians will honour their fallen soldiers, the question is, why do Canadians, and the world know so little about the vital Canadian contributions to victory and the incredible individual exploits of »

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Film documents Montreal history on buildings project

People strolling through parts of Montreal may have seen projections on buildings based the city’s history and heard accompanying descriptions and music. Now, a film has been made that explored this project called Cité Mémoire born in 2016. The projections »

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Canada History: Oct 16,17, 1970: Terror in Quebec reaches a crescendo

50 years ago Canada experienced one of the most tumultuous periods in its history Since the early 1960’s a small group of radical Marxists have been terrorising the province through bombs, robberies and deaths in their quest to turn the »

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Black Canadian sets record milestone in NHL professional hockey

In a time when discrimination is a major concern, a young black Canadian hockey player through his talent has broken a record of sorts in the National Hockey League. Quinton Byfield from Newmarket in southern Ontario, was first draught pick »