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Canada History: Jun 13, 1944: The 13th mission; a posthumous V.C.

It is difficult, no, really impossible, for most of us to imagine climbing into a thin, noisy, cramped aluminium tube and flying hours in freezing air in total darkness to a place where others are doing their best to kill »

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Canada History: June 10, 1995: Live long and prosper!

Fascinated by Roman mythology a surveyor for the Canadian Pacific Railway decided to name a small settlement after the Roman god of fire. Thus it was that Vulcan, Alberta got its name in 1910. Vulcan may have been an odd »

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Canada History: May 28, 2000 – Canada’s Unknown Soldier laid to rest

It was on this day that in a solemn ceremony the remains of an unidentified Canadian soldier were interred in special tomb at the foot of the National War Memorial in Ottawa. A legacy of the horrors of the First »

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VE-Day 75th: Pandemic forces move to online commemoration

After a year of bitter fighting through Sicily and up through Italy, Canadians moved to Europe where thousands stormed ashore on D-Day eventually ending the war in Europe 75 years ago today Major public celebrations to note the several landmark »

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Canada History: May 6, 1898: Protecting Canada’s Yukon from Americans

On this day in 1898, Canada send a small group of its fledgling permanent militia to protect Canada’s interests in the far north from potential U.S. occupation. Canada and the U.S. like to boast that through a history of friendly »

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Canada History: May 4, 1910: Canada gets a navy

Long before Canada became a country, many major sea battles had been fought in Canadian waters.  First between British and French forces, and during the war of 1812 between British and Americans.  In 1867 Canada became a federated country, although »

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Canada History: May 2, 2002: the passing of William Tutte, quiet war hero

Vital British codebreaker, renowned Canadian professor To the average person the name William Thomas “Bill” Tutte means nothing. In highly advanced mathematics circles and to math students in Ontario’s  University of Toronto and University of Waterloo he is well known »

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Canada History: Apr. 7. 1973 – Death in Vietnam, peace accord farce

It was on this day in 1973 that a Canadian military officer was killed by North Vietnamese forces. The Vietnam war is a well-known, well documented, and well mythologised period in modern history. During the course of the war about »

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Canada History: Apr. 3, 1956- the roots of an entire thrilling film genre

What do the the 1980 comedy hit film ‘Airplane’, the 1970’s disaster film genre, and Canada all have in common?  They all began in Canada with the hugely successful novelist and screenwriter, Arthur Hailey. who wrote blockbuster novels and movies »

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Canada History: Apr.1, 1999: Canada’s map redrawn with a new territory

The Inuit who comprise the vast majority of the approximately 39,000 residents of the eastern Arctic, had long been requesting authority over their region.  In 1976 Inuit groups had sought political control over the region as a way to settle »