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Tragic Franklin expedition: Remarkable condition of HMS Terror

Sir John Franklin set off in 1845 leading an expedition from England to find the elusive Northwest Passage to the Orient in the high Canadian Arctic. Franklin and the 133 officers and sailors aboard HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, were »

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First Canadian and Inuit-owned artifacts from Franklin wreck unveiled in Nunavut

Two Inuit communities that have been instrumental in solving one of the most enduring mysteries in the history of Arctic exploration got a chance last week to finally see nine artifacts raised from the wreck of HMS Erebus, one of the »

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Lost Franklin expedition: tourists can swim over HMS Erebus wreck

If you have lots of money, and a couple of weeks this summer, you could enjoy a very rare experience to view one of the Franklin ships up close. The doomed mission was attempting to find a passage from the »

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The doomed Franklin Arctic expedition: new discovery in a 170-year-old mystery

Since the mid 1800’s, enduring mystery has surrounded the fate of the Franklin expedition, its two ships and 129-man crew, lost without trace in the Arctic. Since the 1980’s it was thought lead poisoning from the lead-soldered tinned food had »

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Arctic shipwreck confirmed as Franklin expedition’s missing HMS Terror

Canadian officials have confirmed that a shipwreck found in uncharted waters of a remote Arctic bay earlier this month is in fact HMS Terror, the second of two British ships lost in the ill-fated 19th century attempt to sail through »

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168 years lost, HMS Terror found at last

Another piece in the mystery of the doomed Franklin expedition has been finally discovered, at least all indications point that way. Apparently the crew aboard the Arctic research vessel Martin Bergmann found the shipwreck on September 3 but the news »

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The Lost Franklin Expedition, new research but more mystery

In 1845, renowned polar explorer, Sir John Franklin left England with two specially-prepared ships and 129 crew heading toward the Canadian Arctic.  They were attempting to discover a fabled Northwest Passage to the Orient. They were never seen again. Over the »