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VE-Day 75th: Pandemic forces move to online commemoration

After a year of bitter fighting through Sicily and up through Italy, Canadians moved to Europe where thousands stormed ashore on D-Day eventually ending the war in Europe 75 years ago today Major public celebrations to note the several landmark »

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Weather forces fireworks’ advance at Ottawa Tulip Festival

Organizers decided to advance the time of a fireworks display at the Ottawa Tulip Festival on May 19, 2019 to avoid the potential danger of lightning strikes. The time was moved up from 10pm to 9:15pm and organizers apologized to »

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Guaranteed income-coming to Canada?

It’s an old idea, and it goes by various names; guaranteed minimum income, basic income, guaranteed annual income, universal income, even, negative income tax. The idea is that all citizens would be given a minimum basic amount of money to »

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May 5-Holland remembers: Canada and their liberation

Today, May 5th, marks the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. Canadian veteran today from the CBC live feed at the liberation of Holland ceremonies about a restored WWII vehicle from Keep them Rolling © CBC BGen E. Beno (ret’d) »

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School board digs in against WWII vet and teacher son

For a 90 year old Canadian veteran this latest battle has been nerve wracking, frustrating, and difficult to comprehend. His plane leaves for Holland where he will participate in ceremonies to mark the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. »

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History-April 27 1945: The crazy trio who helped a starving war-torn Holland

It was really quite mad. Throughout April1945, vicious fighting had been taking place as Canadians pushed across Holland, retaking city and village from the desperate but still determined German Army. Along the way, they encountered starving Dutch who were resorting »

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January 19, 1943: The only Royal baby ever born in North America

In recognition of helping the Dutch in the Second World War, and for give safe haven to the Royal Family, the Netherlands sends thousands of tulip bulbs to Ottawa every year, for what has become known as the tulip festival »

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Canadian northern guides lead farm tractor to the South Pole

They live in Iqaluit, in Canada’s high Arctic, but recently found themselves guiding an attempt to drive an ordinary farm tractor to the South Pole in Antarctica. Dutchwoman, 38 year old Manon Osservoort and team at the south Pole 10;30 »