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Canada accused of promoting Holocaust revisionism with memorial in Ukraine

It was supposed to be an event promoting greater understanding between Ukrainians and Jews, an ecumenical service attended by top Ukrainian and Jewish religious leaders meant to mark a new beginning in the sometimes painful shared history of the two» 

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Survey reveals unsettling numbers about Canadians’ knowledge of the Holocaust

A survey released ahead International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which fell on Sunday, has revealed stunning numbers about Canadians’ knowledge–or lack of knowledge–of the what most people believe was the darkest event of the 20th Century. The survey by the Azrieli» 

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Canada acquires Hitler book enumerating Jews in Canada, U.S.

Canada’s national archive has purchased a 1944 book previously owned by Adolf Hitler which adds credence to fears that the dictator planned to exterminate Jews in Canada and the U.S. The book contains details of Jewish populations in numerous cities» 

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Holocaust website launched to counter denial

Information about the Nazi extermination of six million Jews during World War II will be disseminated on a new interactive website launched by the United Nations culture and education agency and the World Jewish Congress. The site was launched explicitly» 

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Update: Canadian couple convicted in Germany for hate

The German law is called “Volksverhetzung” which loosely translates as “incitement to hatred”.  In a trial which ended last Friday, a Canadian woman was convicted for her 2016 youtube video which claimed the Holocaust never happened and that it was» 

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Outrage over memorial having far right, racist overtones

Barbara Kulaszka died last month at age 64 in Brighton, Ontario, a town located about halfway between Toronto and Kingston. A librarian turned lawyer, her death passed virtually unnoticed by most and was only publicized on Tuesday of this week.» 

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Controversial French humourist, denied entry to Canada

For years French humourist Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, of France, has been at the centre of controversy over his routines and the issue of free speech. Scheduled for performances in Montreal, he arrived at the airport, but was sent back to» 


History: April 15, 1945- British-Canadian Liberation of Bergen-Belson death camp

Located in north Germany about half way between the port city of Hamburg, and Hanover, in April 1945, the huge Bergen-Belson concentration camp was in the middle of the war zone. Following several days of negotiations between the Allies and» 

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Commemorative to Holocaust Jews and Canada’s dark past

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp, a tiny bit of good news for Holocaust survivors and descendants in Canada. In 2011, a memorial to a dark moment in history was» 

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National Holocaust Memorial for Canada

On Tuesday of this week, National Holocaust Memorial Day, the Canadian government announced the site of the National Holocaust monument. The site in Ottawa will be located near the National War Museum.  Making the announcement at a formal ceremony was»