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It’s hard to find a gym when you’re homeless. So Shane Knight built one in the woods

Shane Knight doesn’t have a fixed address but if you’re ever looking for him, the gym is a good place to start. He’s a health nut who wears heavy chains around his neck when he does dips and carries protein» 

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The kinder gentler parking meter

No-one has a particular fondness for parking meters. Old style mechanical meters are slowly being replaced by digital metering systems. These are perhaps even less appreciated as, unlike the old system, they give no indication of un-used time still available» 

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Double spending on ‘tragedy’ of homelessness, urge advocates

A new report suggests the Canadian government double planned spending on affordable housing to end a homeless “crisis.” The report released by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness says the kind of person who is» 

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Poverty, conflict drive youth homelessness: study

The biggest driver of youth homelessness is poverty, followed by family conflict or abuse, according to an analysis of studies from 24 countries. Delinquency was the reason least cited by young people. The study of 13,559 young people was led» 

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‘Alarming growth’ in child and family homelessness

There has been a 50 per cent increase in families using homeless shelters in the last decade, according to a three-year study prepared by the advocacy group Raising the Roof. And they are staying an average of more than 50» 

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First study shows over 2,000 former soldiers are homeless

For the first time a study of the homeless in Canada has added a category of former soldiers. The study was conducted in March 2015 by the government agency, Employment and Social Development Canada and was based on 2014 statistics.» 

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Homeless project focuses on ‘housing first’ with support later

A five-year project to help homeless people in five Canadian cities has had very encouraging results by focusing on getting housing first for individuals and following up with support services. The At Home / Chez Soi [in French] project has» 


The homeless not forgotten at Christmas

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but not everyone has the means to do so. Charitable organizations across the country try every year to give a Christmas to the less fortunate. That includes the Old Brewery Mission, in Montreal,»