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Housing affordability at worst level in decades: bank

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) reports that Canadian housing affordability is now at its worst level since 1990. Skyrocketing home prices in some of the largest cities provided the initial push, but rising interest rates have been the main driver» 

aerial view of mega house on former farmland, Richmond British Columbia

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Battle over monster homes on farmland in British Columbia

The loss of farmland in Canada is an ongoing concern as urban sprawl and speculation eats up more and more of this critical resource. In the city of Richmond, British Columbia, the battle has been over enormous “monster” houses being» 

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Luxury home sales likely to spark controversy

Sales of luxury homes have declined in July and August in the western city of Vancouver while they have gone up in Toronto, according to Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. The news will likely add to the growing controversy over real» 


Fort Mac fire chief wants building code changes

The man in charge of the battle against the massive wildfire in Fort McMurray wants changes to the way houses are built to avoid future devastation, reports Canadian Press. The fire that engulfed this western Canadian city gutted thousands of»