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Canada reacts to ouster of pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong

Condemnation, fast track of work permits, emergency evacuation plan In a move by Beijing to further exert its authority over Hong Kong, it granted powers to the city legislature to remove legislators deemed not sufficiently loyal to Beijing. Pro-China  chief »

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Canada may be accepting Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters as refugees

Canada may be willing to accept pro-democracy protesters into the country under asylum rules in what may be a sign of willingness to accept people fleeing increased Chinese control in the former British colony. The respected Globe and Mail newspaper »

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Super rare huge Canadian diamond sells for record online price

A ‘flawless’ white diamond, the size of a small egg, was sold yesterday at a Hong Kong auction for an online record for the equivalent of C$ 20.9 million (USD $15.7). The 103.9 carat diamond was cut from a large »

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China-Canada relations: war of words, veiled threats increase

Beijing has once again called Canada ‘irresponsible” and a meddler in its internal affairs while threatening further actions against this country. Canada announced on Friday it was ending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, meaning it would no longer extradite »

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Canada ends military exports, extradition treaty with Hong Kong, says Trudeau

Canada is ending the export of sensitive military goods to Hong Kong and suspending its extradition treaty with the territory after Beijing imposed its new national security law on the city, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday. The federal government »

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Canada joins 26 nations to condemn China’s abuses in Hong Kong and Xinjiang

Canada joined 26 countries at the UN’s Human Rights Council on Tuesday to express “deep and growing concerns” regarding China’s treatment of the Uighur and other Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang and Beijing’s national security law targeting dissent in Hong »

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Canada, U.S., U.K. and Australia slam China over Hong Kong security law

Canada joined the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia on Thursday in condemning Chinese national security legislation for Hong Kong that democracy activists in the city and Western countries fear could erode its freedoms and jeopardise its role as »

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Hong Kong protests resume over proposed Chinese security law

Two Canadian experts on new Chinese law China in a perhaps not too surprising move has proposed new national security laws to deal with protests in Hong Kong. The bill which was submitted on Thursday to the National People’s Congress »

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China-Canada: diplomatic war of words

The two countries, already embroiled in diplomatic cold spell over Canada’s detention of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, has a couple of new spats. While Meng is under house arrest in her Vancouver mansion, two Canadian Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor »

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Hong Kong: pro-democracy wins local elections; Canada’s reaction?

With pro-democracy protests still ongoing, albeit, slightly calmed, the elections for the lower echelon of government, the regional councils, were held on Sunday. Pro-democracy candidates won almost all positions and now 17 of the 18 regional councils are dominated by »