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Hong Kong protests: View from Canadian democracy supporter

Tensions and protests continue in Hong Kong. They originally began this summer as a protest against a proposed law to allow extraditions to mainland China, Well over a million people would block the streets, but even as the proposal was» 

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Trudeau says Canada won’t back down on supporting Hong Kong democracy

Canada is closely monitoring developments in Hong Kong and is mindful of the 300,000 Canadian citizens who are there, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday despite warnings from Beijing to stop “meddling” in its “internal” affairs. While delivering a keynote» 

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China tells Canada to stop ‘meddling’ in Hong Kong affairs

Chinese officials accused Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland of “meddling” in China’s internal affairs Sunday and warned that Beijing’s response to ongoing protests in Hong Kong “brook no interference by any other country, organization or individual.” The warning by an» 

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Canada issues travel warning about Hong Kong

The protests in Hong Kong are continuing with an uncertain security situation. Canada has just joined other nations in issuing a warning to all citizens thinking of travelling there. The Canadian government has four levels of travel concerns, ranging from» 

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Hong Kong: Chinese-Canadian lawyer analyses ongoing protests

Huge crowds were on the streets of Hong Kong again last night protesting a proposed extradition law with China. Hong Kong chief executive, Carrie Lam, has said the proposal will become law and compared protesters to spoiled children. Andrea Chun» 

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Chinese Canadians react to Hong Kong extradition law

Huge crowds continue to demonstrate in Hong Kong over a proposal to enable extradition to China. Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents continue to protest over fears of the implications of the proposed bill.  They say it could mean» 

William Gun Chong circa 1943. Photo presumably taken between missions when he was often dressed in worn clothes as a homeless peasant to avoid Japanese forces attention as he carried out his missions ( via Chinese Canadian Military Museum)

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Asian Heritage Month: Canadian secret agent and hero William Gun Chong

The unlikely Canadian undercover agent awarded the British Empire Medal Unlike the dapper spies of movies, an undercover agent has to be inconspicuous. Thus, Canadian Bill Chong, often dressed like a homeless peasant became one of the most successful of» 

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Former Canadian chief justice Beverley McLachlin appointed to top court in Hong Kong

Retirement it seems is not for Beverley McLachlin. First we found out that barely a month after she retired from Canada’s highest court in December, the former Supreme Court chief justice launched into a literary career with her debut crime» 

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Lawyers for Snowden’s protectors take Canada to court

Lawyers are taking legal action to try to force the Canadian government to keep its promise to expedite the case of the asylum-seekers who protected U.S. security whistleblower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong. In a bid to bring them to» 

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Lawyers renew appeal to Canada for Snowden helpers

Lawyers for the three families who assisted Edward Snowden are asking the government of Canada to fast-track their applications for asylum in this country. And they are asking Canadians to support the effort. The families were seeking asylum in Hong Kong»