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30th Canadian Sunset Ceremonies take place in Ottawa next week

As part of Celebrate Canada festivities, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) will hold its 30th Canadian Sunset Ceremonies starting June 27. The annual event will be held in Ottawa and will include an RCMP Musical Ride show and a »


Famous foals to be named by children

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has invited children across the country to take part in an annual contest to name horses that might one day be part of its famous Musical Ride. The ride is a formal event performed »

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The greatest outdoor show on Earth! On now!

The Stampede is on! Arguably Canada’s greatest entertainment event is on this week in the western city of Calgary, Alberta Many thousands of people lined up on Friday for the event opening Calgary Stampede parade in downtown Calgary © Calgary Stampede/via »

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The annual Calgary Stampede comes to a wet closure.

Another successful “greatest annual outdoor show on earth”, albeit, a damp one. The GMC Rangeland Derby (chuck wagon races) final was as exciting as ever, and muddy! © Calgary Stampede-CBC A wagon hits a barrel and flips in an early heat »

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People giving up horses over money and other woes

Some western Canadians are giving up their horses because of money problems or life-changing difficulties, says Kathy Bartley, president of a small horse rescue group north of Calgary. The price of hay has skyrocketed, costing Bear Valley Rescue 120-thousand dollars »

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Montreal introduces moratorium on horse-drawn carriages

Their hoofs have echoed through Old Montreal’s cobblestone streets for decades and leisurely rides in the horse-drawn carriages have become a fixture for tourists visiting the city, but there will be no calèches on the streets of Montreal this summer. Bowing »

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Ontario farm’s Supreme Champ at World Clydesdale show

They’re big, they’re strong, and any horse lover will tell you, they are beautiful animals. The World Clydesdale Show was held this month in London Ontario. Although there  were a variety of class winners, Ovation, a two-year old filly was named »


Rebroadcast: Cross-Canada ride for veterans and awareness.

For a former Canadian soldier, for Paul Nichols it was a bit difficult to transition from the order and discipline of military life, back to life as a civilian, let alone forget the adrenalin, danger and fears of active combat. »