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Canada: Among the most overpriced city housing in world

Several international rankings have consistently placed Canadian cities at or near the top of “best cities” in the world on a variety of criteria including things like safety, livability, education opportunities etc. However, a new ranking has also just listed »


Rising interest rates to make buying a home more difficult

Prospective buyers are expected to face a modest 1.7 per cent increase in the price of a home in Canada in 2019, but rising interest rates will likely affect their ability to get an affordable mortgage to pay for it, »

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Ontario tries to cool superheated housing costs: Toronto and region

In the face of skyrocketing housing and rental costs, the Ontario government has followed the lead of the west coast city of Vancouver. In the face of many claims that foreign investors are artificially inflating housing prices, Ontario has put »

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Canadian house price increases: bad for cities and price rise spreading out

The ever-present concern of skyrocketing house prices in major cities now has at least one mayor very concerned. Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson says high house prices and rents are driving families, the young people, and pensioners out of his city. »

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Toronto and Victoria red hot real estate market for the rich

What’s the hottest luxury real estate market? Would you be surprised to learn it’s Auckland, New Zealand?  That city had a 63 percent sales growth over last year. The second hottest in the world? Toronto. It’s luxury market grew 48 »

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Call for tracking of foreign ownership of housing

Montreal has seen buyers from China, Syria, Mexico, Russia and the U.S –Sotheby’s Int’l Realty Canada With prices going ever higher for housing in Canada, at least on federal politician is calling for investigation of foreign speculation on housing. While »

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Overheated housing sales in Canada result in new scheme

Recently many domestic and international financial analysts have said Canada’s housing market is overheated, that house prices are much overvalued. Many say the market “bubble” is long overdue to burst and have a price collapse. That doesn’t seem to be »


House prices in Canada, far above reality

A new Economist magazine says Canada is among an exclusive, but certainly not enviable club of seven countries where the housing market is dangerously over-valued.  National average housing price in Canada in March = $439,144   (Canadian Real Estate Assoc.) The »