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Toronto climbs on world list of expensive cities, Vancouver still number 2

Toronto Ontario is Canada’s largest city. With suburbs and expansion now extending even to Hamilton, the so-called ‘Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is now being  called the GTHA, is the most densely packed area of Canada. It, along with Vancouver, have »

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Canadians biggest concerns: personal finances, cost of living

A new online poll of some 4,500 Canadians lists financial issues as their main concern as we head towards an October general election. The wide-ranging poll commissioned by Canada’s public broadcaster CBC shows a disconnect between what financial statistics show, »


Airbnb enriching corporations, driving up rents, say advocates

Some of Airbnb most active accounts belong to large corporations managing up to 200 properties in multiple cities, according to a study by the public broadcaster, CBC. This echoes a McGill University report issued in August 2017 that concluded short »

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Rich Canada? Not so rich Canadians?

Canada is considered around the world to be a so-called “rich” country. But it seems Canadians themselves are struggling more and more, as costs rise all around them but not salaries. A new poll by Ipsos shows that almost a »

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Can you afford “shelter” in Canada?

Potential Canadian home buyers have been facing soaring house prices across the country, most especially in the major cities. Apartment rents have also been rising dramatically. While the costs for “shelter” have been soaring, salaries have not, even as other »

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Call for tracking of foreign ownership of housing

Montreal has seen buyers from China, Syria, Mexico, Russia and the U.S –Sotheby’s Int’l Realty Canada With prices going ever higher for housing in Canada, at least on federal politician is calling for investigation of foreign speculation on housing. While »