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Housing in Canada, unaffordable, but selling like mad

It is a conundrum. For years, literally, even decades analysts have been saying Canada’s housing market is overheated and the bubble will burst. For just as long, housing prices have kept on rising, but of late, even faster. This is »


Huge jump in lumber costs means more expensive homes

Canada is a land of forests. Wood and lumber for construction is common and plentiful in Canada and should in theory be inexpensive. Not so since COVID-19. The cost of construction lumber has spiked considerably – in some cases up »

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British Columbia outlines rent repayment plan 

The British Columbia government detailed a repayment framework that will be put in place this summer for how and when tenants will pay rent that went unpaid during the pandemic to their landlords.  The framework, which was unveiled on Thursday, »

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Canada invests in affordable housing for middle income seniors

The Canadian government is continuing to fund affordable housing developments across the country.  Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s minister of families and social development, as well as the minister responsible for the the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced this morning »

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Canadian government announces affordable housing project in Ottawa

In order to make housing affordable for middle income families in Ottawa, the Canadian government is investing $115 million to help build a 27 storey residential building, that will have 321 unils, according to a press release from the Canada »

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Canada: Among the most overpriced city housing in world

Several international rankings have consistently placed Canadian cities at or near the top of “best cities” in the world on a variety of criteria including things like safety, livability, education opportunities etc. However, a new ranking has also just listed »


Canadian home sales edge higher in August

Home sales in Canada increased for the sixth consecutive month in August, growing by five per cent year-over-year, according to statistics released Monday by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Home sales were up in most of the country’s largest markets, »

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Toronto housing prices- no bursting bubble in sight

As housing prices continue to rise quickly across Canada, Toronto remains the hottest market with no end in sight. Literally for years experts have been saying the “bubble” will burst soon and prices will drop.  There’s been no sign of »

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Ottawa unveils new agreement to address Arctic housing crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government has reached a new housing agreement with Nunavut to help address the housing crisis across Canada’s Arctic territory. Under the 10-year agreement the federal and territorial governments will provide nearly $316 million »

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Canada rental housing crisis for low and medium income earners

A new survey on how much a person has to earn to afford rent in Canada shows a near crisis. The survey says rental costs for a 2-bedroom apartment in almost all major cities in Canada are beyond was it »