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Federal government apologizes to Baffin Inuit for sled dog killings, forced relocations

The apology comes with $20 million to fund cultural activities and healing programs Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Carolyn Bennett gave a wide-ranging apology to Inuit of Baffin Island in Iqaluit on Wednesday. “We failed to provide you with proper housing, »


Polar bears, climate change and growing concern

There are 19 subpopulations of polar bears spread throughout the Arctic, and while some are doing alright, others have already begun to feel the effects of climate change. Among them is the population around the western shore of Hudson Bay, »

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Climate change: Are polar bears doomed?

All populations could decline by 30 percent by 2050 A just released report has cast even more concern about the future of the polar bear survival as a species. The international study involved research scientists from the US, Canada, and »

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Less ice means killer whales moving into new northern areas

It has usually been a very rare occasion to spot killer whales in the Arctic. With their high dorsal fins, they traditionally kept away from the northern regions. With climate change and sea ice in the Arctic and Hudson bay »

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Polar bear adaptation to ice loss: not really working

Polar bears need sea ice to hunt and mate. With climate change, the ice season is becoming shorter, meaning bears are spending longer periods on land. Some have been trying to adapt to the increasing delays between freeze-up by seeking alternative food »

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Protecting people and polar bears from each other

It is an age old problem but one that has been getting worse with global warming. Polar bears need sea ice to hunt and survive. Each year the polar bears of Hudson Bay get into trouble and threaten people in »


Manitoba wants Ottawa to protect Hudson Bay beluga whales

Canada’s western province of Manitoba wants the federal government to preserve vital habitat for the world’s largest population of beluga whales along the western coast of Hudson Bay, according to a report released Friday. Manitoba’s Beluga Habitat Sustainability Plan, calls »

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Research into climate and human effects on Hudson Bay

The 2012 documentary film “People of a Feather” told the story of how a giant hydro-electric project in Quebec had changed the lives of the aboriginal hunters in Hudson Bay, and not for the better. Although the hydro-electric mega project »

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Climate change and polar bears: increasing hardship

Climate change  which has reduced Arctic sea ice is causing some polar bears to change their diets. The polar bear diet consists mainly of fat, lipid rich, seals which they hunt on the winter ice. However as the ice is »

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New efforts to divert polar bears from Inuit village

Every year polar bears gather near Churchill Manitoba as they wait for freeze up of Hudson Bay in order to venture out onto the ice to hunt for seals. Because of the large number of bears that gather there, it’s »