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Seeking answers to a complicated worldwide parasite

Unique Canadian research effort It’s a microscopic parasite you probably haven’t heard of even though it’s very common. Toxoplasma gondii. (T.gondii), which causes toxoplasmosis, infects one-third of the world’s population.  Over 90 percent of women of childbearing age are at »

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Some microplastic for dinner? (You’ve already had some today)

As weird as that sounds, it seems that we are consuming, and breathing, measurable amounts of microplastic daily. Plastic is not natural and is never absorbed into the environment. It merely breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, until they’re »


Canada’s first-ever national hotline for human trafficking now open

Canada’s first ever national hotline for human trafficking has just opened on Wednesday morning and is already receiving calls from all over the country. The Canadian Centre To End Human Trafficking (CCTEH), who is behind this service, wants to help »


Microplastics: everywhere now, even probably in you.

In recent years the issue of plastic pollution and microplastics has become widely known. There is the well-known Pacific gyre, a vast area of plastic waste, and microplastics have even been found in almost every ocean and lake around the »


Ancient Egyptian mummy is not a hawk, but a malformed human fetus

What likely is the highest-resolution scan ever conducted on a fetal mummy reveals it to be that of a human male and not a hawk, as was originally thought, according to researchers at Western University. Detailed micro-CT scans reveal what »


Disability is most cited reason for discrimination: report

In its 2017 annual report, the Canadian Human Rights Commission notes that disability was by far (59 per cent) the most often cited ground for discrimination by people in Canada. A combined proportion of 23 per cent of complaints related »

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Vast boreal forest in Alberta threatened by climate change

New research shows the boreal forest in Alberta will be dramatically changed in the decades to come due to human induced climate change. As the climate warms, droughts longer and more frequent and forest fires become more prevalent the study »

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Three-quarters of world significantly changed by humans

An international team of researchers has mapped where human activity has had the most impact on the natural environment leading to a “biodiversity crisis.” Results were surprising and there was some cause for optimism. ‘Human footprint maps’ were developed to »