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Millions of children in Yemen face acute malnutrition, warns UN

Yemen is one of the most dangerous places in the world for children to grow up, say four UN agencies, and almost 2.3 million of those under five years old will likely suffer from acute malnutrition in 2021. Of those, »

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Children dying in Syria: humanitarians call for ceasefire

Even before the Turkish offensive, there were 860,000 people wholly dependent on humanitarian aid in northeastern Syria, and now, the situation is worse. In the first days of shelling and air strikes, four children were killed and nine injured in »

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Syrian children denied access to humanitarian aid

UNICEF Canada warns 55,000 children and their families are cut off from basic lifesaving humanitarian assistance in southwestern Syria. The aid agency is renewing calls for the UN Security Council to pressure the Syrian government and all parties to the »


Canada promises millions for Palestinian relief

The Canadian government is pledging to contribute up to $10 million in emergency humanitarian aid for Palestinian refugees. The government says this will help meet “urgent humanitarian needs” by providing food assistance to over one million people living in the »

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The civilian catastrophe in Mosul

Iraqi and coalition forces say they have finally recaptured the Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) terrorists stronghold city of Mosul. It is Iraq’s second largest city and Daesh saw it as the capital of their so-called “caliphate”. Amnesty International says the battle has »

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Canada mourns six killed in Burkina Faso

Two schools have cancelled classes in the province of Quebec and are offering counselling to those mourning the murders of six humanitarian volunteers in Burkina Faso on January 15th. Five of the six Canadians who were killed by terrorists were »

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International Humanitarian Law- no new deal

In conflict zones around the world, medical workers often risk their own lives in an effort to save others. Hundreds of medical workers have lost their lives fighting disease outbreaks like Elbola, but more so from violence such as in »