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UN food assistance agency warns of escalating crisis in Burkina Faso

As Burkina Faso marks the 59th anniversary of its independence, the United Nations is warning of an escalating humanitarian crisis driven by intensifying conflict and climate change that has gripped the West African nation and its neighbours in the Central» 


UN food agency appeals for emergency assistance for Haiti

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) says it needs $82 million ($62 million US) to provide emergency food assistance to 700,000 people in Haiti, as the poorest Caribbean nation struggles to deal with political unrest, economic downturn and a» 

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Food banks: Ontario’s working class joining the line

Steady increase in people needing food banks, including those with jobs A new report says even more residents in Canada’s most populous province have been resorting to food banks for their basic needs The annual report is published by the» 


Record 45 million people in southern Africa facing food crisis, says UN

A record 45 million people across southern Africa face severe food shortages in the next six months, with nearly 11 million currently enduring drought-induced “crisis” or “emergency” levels of food insecurity, three United Nations agencies warned on Thursday. The 16-member» 

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South Sudan famine averted but millions still face hunger

South Sudan is no longer classified as being in famine following an increase in international aid, but the country is experiencing the most alarming levels of food insecurity in its history, according to a newly released United Nations report. According» 

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Canada’s biggest city: more people edging toward hunger

In spite of being Canada’s busiest and most populous region, more people in the city of Toronto and surrounding urban boroughs, are going hungry. The Daily Bread Food Bank, the North York Harvest Food Bank and 170 member agencies in» 

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Care Canada sounds alarm on impending South Sudan collapse

As South Sudan prepares to mark its fifth Independence Day on July 9, the world’s youngest country is on the verge of a major humanitarian disaster triggered by economic collapse, ongoing political instability and climate change, humanitarian groups warn. Jacquelyn» 

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New UN goals aim to end poverty and hunger by 2030

World leaders have unanimously approved a new, United Nations plan to eradicate extreme poverty, combat climate change and address more than a dozen other global issues. They agreed to new Sustainable Development Goals that are expected to cost between $3.5» 


Record bounty for Holiday Train

It’s a beautiful sight if you can catch it.  And it also serves a good cause. For the past 15 years, the Canadian Pacific Railway has been stringing lights along two freight trains for the holidays. And the trains run» 

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‘Chew on This!’ – Stop hunger and poverty in Canada, say organizers of campaign

Despite being a wealthy economic nation, Canada does not have a good record in dealing with hunger and poverty according to anti-poverty activists. On Thursday (October 17) the International Day for Eradication of Poverty they will be calling for the»