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Energy sold at a loss: Ontario engineers say bad idea for the province

Excess energy sold to U.S at a loss, while prices here increase Ontario is Canada’s most populous province, and with massive renewable hydro-electric power, a major reason for the province’s historic industrial success. In fact, with abundant hydro, and added» 

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Ontario cap and trade,energy costs : slow death of an industry

The concept was heralded with much fanfare. Ontario would join Quebec and California in an emmissions cap and trade programme. The idea is to reduce greenhouse gases by penalizing those polluting industries and benefit those which reduce their emmissions. Caught» 

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Utility officials fear fracking will damage dams

Officials at western Canada’s BC Hydro worry that earthquakes caused by fracking may put large hydroelectric dams at risk, according to documents obtained through Access to Information law. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is the practice of injecting fluid at high» 

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Digital “smart” electricity meters, seem not so smart after all.

Just a few years ago, the major publicly-owned electrical power utility in Ontario, Hydro One, would send it’s inspectors around to read the meters on each dwelling.  Then came so-called “smart” meters. These digital meters operated something like cell phones» 

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Sell-off of public utility challenged

Opposition to sale mounting. The government of Canada’s most populous province recently announced a plan to sell off a majority share of the province’s public electrical supplier, Hydro One. The provincial Liberal government under Premier Kathleen Wynn announced in April» 

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Could Manitoba run short of power in less than 10 years?

The demand for electricity in the western province of Manitoba could outstrip  supply by 2022 says the province’s energy minister. File photo of Manitoba Energy Minister Dave Chomiak. He said this week the hydro megaprojects must proceed or the province»