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Salt reduction was only modest with voluntary targets: Health Canada

The Canadian government’s health department has found that voluntary sodium reduction targets set in 2012 have had “modest” results in cutting the salt content of processed foods and that “additional measures are needed.” It had set reduction targets for 94 »

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Exercise during pregnancy good for baby and mom

A new study suggests pregnant women should exercise to combat high blood pressure, excessive weight gain and babies who are born too big. Hypertension is hard to control in pregnant women, and sometimes they must be hospitalized. Too much weight »

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Doctors demand halt to marketing unhealthy foods to children

An extensive coalition of medical professionals and organizations is making a clear call to stop marketing of unhealthy foods to children. These are products high in fats, added sugars, and sodium. Dr. Norman Campbell, Canada Research Chair in Hypertension, and »

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Canadian researchers work to reduce salt in bread

Most Canadians don’t realize that even if they don’t add salt to their food, they’re still consuming high levels of salt (sodium) in their bread and baked goods, and processed meats. Another thing most don’t realize is that the salt »


Many Canadians risk high blood pressure

Calling it a coming tsunami, Hypertension Canada says up to half of Canadian baby boomers have high blood pressure or will develop it within the next few years. The boomers are that very large group of people born during and »