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Q&A: How the Int’l Inuit Business Association wants to transform the Arctic

As interest in the Arctic ramps up in the global community, Inuit business leaders from across the Arctic want to make sure northern communities have a seat at the table. Earlier this month, Inuit business representatives from Canada, Alaska and »

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Waivers to possible Arctic HFO ban denounced by Indigenous & environmental orgs

The International Maritime Organization’s sub-committee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR) meeting wound up in London on Friday, with agreement on the draft text of a ban on heavy fuel oil in the Arctic from July 1 2024, but with »


Inuit in Canada, Alaska and Greenland found international business association

A new alliance made up of Inuit business representatives from across North America has formed to create the International Inuit Business Association (IIBA). The IIBA’s founding meeting took place on Thursday and will represent Inuit businesses from across Alaska, Canada »

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Feature Interview: View from the Swedish Arctic

Last week in this space we brought you a story looking at how indigenous leaders were reacting to the Paris climate change agreement. In it, Josefina Skerk, vice-president of Sweden’s Saami parliament, talked about the importance of indigenous voices when climate policy is implemented.  »

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Eye on the Arctic – ‘Yes’ to development but on our terms, say Inuit

Each week, Eye on the Arctic features stories and newsmakers from Canada’s northern regions. Indigenous leaders from several regions around the world released a declaration this week calling for an end to Arctic resource development. The groups released the statement jointly »