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Global ice-loss study shows ‘worst case’ scenario

A new study by British researchers into ice loss from the world’s poles and glaciers seems to fulfull ‘worst case’ scenarios predicted some 30 years ago by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) The scientists from the University of »

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Climate change could expose Cold War relic and its toxic contents

It sounds like something from the X-Files: an abandoned top-secret nuclear weapons program, buried deep under Greenland’s ice sheet comes back to haunt humanity with its toxic contents. But Camp Century is not a figment of Hollywood’s imagination but a »

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Climate, Greenland ice sheet: new study shows potential greater sea-level rise

The huge Greenland ice sheet is changing and in a newly discovered way. Traditionally, snows falling on the ice sheet transform into new ice as they become compacted by the weight of several metres of snow falling on top of »