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Lab tests boots to prevent falls on snow and ice

In the province of Ontario alone, every year an estimated 21,000 people go to hospital emergency rooms after falling on ice or snow, and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is working to try to reduce that number. Nasty, sometimes fatal accidents »

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‘Climate…gives us much cause for alarm’: UN

The U.N. weather agency notes that the world temperature records were broken again in May 2016, accompanied by flooding in Europe and the southern U.S., early Arctic sea ice melting and severe bleaching of coral reefs around the world. Using »

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Protecting people and polar bears from each other

It is an age old problem but one that has been getting worse with global warming. Polar bears need sea ice to hunt and survive. Each year the polar bears of Hudson Bay get into trouble and threaten people in »

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Extreme cold freezes 60 per cent of Great Lake

Extreme cold blasted through central and eastern Canada over the weekend freezing 60 per cent of the world’s eleventh largest lake. On February 14th the province of Quebec saw windchill temperatures reach -46 C and Barrie, Ontario reached -33.3 C »

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Hockey-loving couple gets married in arena

Many Canadians who grew up in the western province of Saskatchewan will tell you they learned how to skate almost before they learned to walk, but one couple extended that early love of skating and decided to get married in »

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Drilling lake ice could lead to criminal charges

People who like to fish in winter drill holes in the ice on lakes, but it turns out they could face legal charges for doing so, reports CBC. The western province of Alberta has many shallow lakes that are prone »

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Ice and the Northwest passage- an unreliable shipping route still

New findings from on-site research have found that ice in the Northwest passage can still be too thick and ice conditions far too unreliable in summer for it to become a regular shipping route. Christian Haas (PhD) is Canada Research »

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Guide sees record-long polar bear dive

A guide in Norway’s Svalbard Islands saw an emaciated polar bear stay underwater for a very long time to stalk a bearded seal. Rinie van Meurs knew it was highly unusual and sent two videos of the event to Canadian »

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Supply barge adrift in the Arctic-for months.

With files from CBC news A Canadian company’s supply barge which has been floating loose around the Arctic since last October, is now just off Russia’s northeast coast after drifting from the Northwest territories, across the Yukon coast, across the »

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Tough winter for ferries in eastern Canada

It’s been an unusually cold winter in the southern parts of central and eastern Canada. This has meant particular troubles for the number of ferryboats traversing the Gulf of St Lawrence. Even in Lake Ontario, the ice build-up trapped the »