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Asylum seekers: Canadians getting generosity fatigue?

(comments open on all RCI stories- scroll to bottom of page) A new poll by the firm Angus Reid shows a small majority of Canadians may be feeling less generous toward asylum seekers, especially ones crossing illegally into Canada. Since »

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Police make enormous drug seizure

The Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner it is the biggest drug seizure in their history. At a news conference this morning police revealed over 1,000 kg of cocaine was seized, and testing showed it to be about 97 per cent pure »

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New survey shows half of Canadians want migrants out

In February alone, 635 migrants crossed from the US into Canada along an unwatched border section in Quebec and asked for asylum. This compares with just 99 last February.   In January, 452 crossed into Quebec to claim asylum, representing  a »

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Border guard union head says security threatened by migrant influx, lack of guards

In recent weeks the trickle of migrants crossing illegally into Canada has become, if not a flood, certainly greatly increased in magnitude. The National President of the Customs and Immigration Union, Jean-Pierre Fortin, says the situation Is almost out of »

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Canadian attitudes on refugees starting to harden?

With the Trump administration in the US hardening its stance on refugees, asylum seekers, and even travel from certain Muslim countries, Canada stands in stark contrast. However, a new poll suggests that Canada’s liberal policies may be pushing more Canadians »

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Extremely deadly opioid willingly exported by Chinese companies

There has been a rash of deaths across Canada and thousands worldwide as the extremely powerful synthetic opioid, fentanyl, has made its way into street drugs. Fentanyl can be up to 50 times stronger than heroin. Recently an even deadlier »

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New tool to track illegal fishing, foster sustainability

New technology lets anyone in the world have a free look at the activities of the world’s largest commercial fishing vessels via internet. Oceana, SkyTruth and Google teamed up to launch Global Fishing Watch which they hope will help curb illegal »

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Immigrant posing as teenage student caught

For six months the extremely tall international student had been attending a Windsor Ontario high school as a 17-year-old, in grade 11 at the school. At over 2 metres tall (6’9”) Jonathan Nicola was also a star basketball player for »

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Turtle smuggler gets jail time

Chinese-Canadian sold thousands of turtles to China A 27-year old university student in Canada of Chinese origin, will spend almost 5 years in an American jail for smuggling turtles to China. Canadian citizen and Ontario resident, Kai Xu was a regular »

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Illegal goods get through Canada’s border: auditor

“The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) did not fully have what it needed to carry out its enforcement priorities in 2015,” says a report from Canada’s auditor general. As a result, illegal goods left the country. The audit applied to »