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Most Canadians hold positive views about immigrants: survey

Canadians have the highest proportion of people favourable to immigrants when compared with the world’s top migrant destinations, reports the Washington-based Pew Research Centre. The report says 68 per cent of Canadian believe immigrants make their country stronger while 27» 

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Nova Scotia’s population hits a record high

Over the past few decades, Canada’s easternmost provinces have seen a decline in population, so statistics that show Nova Scotia’s population has recently grown to almost a million are good news. The four eastern provinces saw declines in the fishing» 

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Boating safety videos posted to prevent accidents, deaths

The Lifesaving Society has posted free online videos in several languages to teach skills and safety to new boaters, particularly to new Canadians. Canada has more freshwater than any other country in the world. It borders on three oceans and» 

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Many want immigrants tested for Canadian values

Another public opinion survey has been conducted to test Canadian attitudes towards immigrants and it found almost three-quarters of respondents think they should be tested on “Canadian values.” This is a controversial idea held by Kellie Leitch, a candidate for the» 

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Friends important for immigrant integration: study

A new study on forming friendships following immigration suggests the first few days are the most important for good integration. The research involved 158 students who had just arrived in Montreal whose mother tongues were neither English nor French. Researchers» 

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Immigrants are an enormous benefit, says professor

Immigrants who come to Canada are “highly entrepreneurial” and are “an enormous benefit to Canadian prosperity” says Bessma Momani, a professor at the University of Waterloo and fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, a policy think tank. She» 

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Not recognizing credentials costs billions: report

An estimated 844,000 Canadians are not getting the jobs they should because their credentials are not being recognized, says the Conference Board of Canada. Many immigrants come to Canada only to find their university degrees or professional training is not» 

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Museum celebrates immigrants in skating world

Many Canadians love to watch figure skating competitions but may not realize that some immigrants played prominent roles in the sport. Canada’s immigration museum is teaming up with a non-profit group that promotes figure skating to bring their stories to» 

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Foreign capital behind Vancouver’s housing woes

Off-shore money brought in mostly by new immigrants from mainland China is what’s driving Vancouver’s soaring real estate prices, says a new study of the city’s housing market. According to the study, the majority of houses in the city’s affluent» 

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Immigrant youth and street gangs

Why do young immigrants and first generation newcomers end up in streets gangs? Hieu Ngo arrived in Canada as a young refugee but avoided the gang life.  As a university student he began studying immigrant conditions and why some ended»