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Canadians: attitudes hardening against immigrants, refugees

The latest online survey of Canadian attitudes towards immigration seems to indicate a shift towards a less welcoming position. A poll commissioned by Canada’s publicly-owned broadcaster, CBC, showed that a clear majority (64%) said illegal immigration is becoming a serious» 

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Quebec adopts controversial secularism and immigration legislation

Quebec’s provincial legislature adopted a controversial law late Sunday that bans certain public servants, including teachers, police officers, prosecutors and judges, from wearing religious symbols at work. The legislation known as Bill 21 also forbids anyone giving or receiving a» 

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The LINK Online -special- May 31, Jun 1,2, 2019

This week a special edition as the Link was on site on Thursday at the Montreal “Salon de l”Immigration- Immigration Expo” in Montreal (video of show at bottom) Hosts were Levon and Marc. along with several special guests. (audio version» 

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Canada’s asylum backlog at biggest level ever

The waiting period to have a refugee claim heard in Canada is already long, with the claimed waiting period of a little under two years, although a five year wait is not unheard of. Canada’s acting Auditor-General, Sylvain Ricard, says» 

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RCI live from the Immigration expo in Montreal

(Join our live broadcasts on the 29th and 30th − English at 16:30 GMT on Thursday − and ask your immigration questions on Facebook) Known as the “Salon de l’Immigration, this growing annual event now features over 200 different booths» 

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Welcome to Canada…er…maybe not…hold your horses, please!

Several years ago, when Canada invited thousands of Syrian refugees to move here to escape the insanity gripping their native country, a lot of us were proud of what appeared to be our collective ability to deliver compassion and help» 


Migrants can now appeal detention to a judge

The Supreme Court of Canada has decided that migrants who face long detentions can appeal for freedom before a judge. Currently, people who are not citizens can only argue before an immigration tribunal and those decisions are subject to limited» 

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(interview) Criticism over government handling of Canada’s refugee claims

Canada’s Auditor-General, Sylvain Ricard, released a report yesterday that was critical of several aspects of government, among them the handling of asylum seekers. With a huge increase in asylum seekers entering into Canada from the U.S. at “irregular” crossing points,» 

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Millionaires on the move

In the financial world they’re known as HNWI’s or “high net worth individuals, but we know them as millionaires (or billionaires). Latest reports say about 108,000 millionaires moved last year from one country to another. That’s a substantial increase of» 

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Canada grants asylum to one of Edward Snowden’s ‘angels’

A Filipino woman and her daughter who sheltered U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden while he went into hiding in Hong Kong in 2013 boarded a plane to Toronto Monday after Canada granted them asylum, according to a charity that sponsored the»