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Canada plans to support ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic shipping

Canada will support a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil by ships plying Arctic waters at the upcoming meeting of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, Transport Canada officials announced during a teleconference call Wednesday, according to »

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Environmental and Indigenous groups welcome IMO progress towards Arctic dirty fuel ban

Environmental and Indigenous groups hailed Friday progress made by the world maritime body towards developing a ban on the use and carriage of the highly polluting heavy fuel oil in Arctic waters. As the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environment Protection »

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Greenland joins push to ban heavy fuel oil in the Arctic

Environmental and northern Indigenous communities are welcoming the decision by Greenland to push for a ban on the use of the highly polluting heavy fuel oil (HFO) in Arctic shipping. In a statement released Monday, the government of Greenland (Naalakkersuisut) »

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World maritime body approves first Arctic ship routing measures

The International Maritime Organization approved on Friday the first internationally recognized ship routing measures designed jointly by Russia and the United States to protect vital marine habitat in the Bering Strait and Bering Sea. The narrow passage of water between »

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Inuit activist blasts Canada’s foot-dragging on dirty fuels ban in the Arctic

Ottawa should to stop procrastinating and get on board with the proposed ban on the use of highly polluting heavy fuel oil by ships operating in the Arctic, says Sheila Watt-Cloutier, a Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Inuit activist and author. The »

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New rules for ship fuel mean less pollution by 2020

For years Canadian organisations and others have been calling for Arctic shipping to stop the use of the heavy fuel oil (HFO), also known as bunker fuel, in commercial ships. This is the cheapest fuel available and emits a high »

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International maritime body adopts Canadian proposal on heavy fuel oil in Arctic waters

The United Nations’ specialized agency that regulates maritime shipping has adopted a Canadian proposal to begin the process of developing rules on mitigating the risks of use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) to power ships operating in Arctic waters. The »

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New regulations slowly coming for Arctic ship fuel

The world’s ships burn the lowest quality of fuel known often as bunker fuel. In the industry it’s known as heavy fuel oil (HFO). It emits substantial amounts of sulphur dioxide, and soot. The International Marine Organization (IMO) is the »

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UN maritime body listens to Arctic Indigenous voices

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London heard this week from Arctic Indigenous leaders who lobbied the UN body for a permanent seat at the table and spoke about their concerns over the impact of increased shipping on the environment »

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Shipping, Russia and reality TV : Arctic week in review

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North   On this week’s news round-up, we bring you some of your most read stories on Eye on the Arctic this week: – New guidelines on polar shipping focus »