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Impaired driving suspects named by another Ontario police force

York Regional Police, serving over a million people north of Toronto, is the latest Ontario police force publishing the names of all people charged with driving impaired by alcohol or drug use. York Police Chief Eric Joliffe made the announcement »


Cannabis roadside test will face legal challenges, says lawyer

As the recreational use of cannabis will be legalized in October 2018, the Canadian government has just approved a test to ensure people are not driving under the influence of the drug. But there are problems with the Drager Drug »


Province tackles drunk driving with ‘positive’ tickets

In a new initiative to reduce impaired driving, the province of Saskatchewan will have police give positive tickets to sober drivers or those who have been designated by friends to stay sober in order to drive others home.  If such »

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Government ad campaign targets youth drug-impaired driving

With the July 1 deadline for legalizing marijuana in Canada less than seven month away, the federal government is launching an ad campaign to dissuade young people from driving while high. The first in a series of video ads geared »


Government says roadside drug tests work

As it prepares to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the Canadian government says it has found two roadside tests can successfully identify drug-impaired drivers. Impaired driving is a criminal offense in Canada. The pilot project involved the collection of »

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Drunk driving charges: The weight of evidence, and language difficulties

In Canada driving after having drunk alcohol is a serious criminal offence. The legal limit for alcohol in the blood 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100millilitres of blood, (0.08 blood/alcohol content). The consequences may include a variety of penalties including »


Operation Red Nose concludes

Operation Red Nose volunteers have hung up their trademark red vests until next year. Operation Red Nose is a service that drives impaired party-goers and their passengers home during the holidays.  It was available this year between November 29 and »