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Canada supports united Spain amid Catalonia independence crisis, Trudeau says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau added his voice to those of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the European Union, reaffirming his support for “one united Spain” Friday in response to the Catalan regional parliament’s unilateral declaration of »

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Is Canada training a separatist army in Iraq?

In the millennia-old history of Kurds, there has never been a time when this ancient people of the Middle East were so tantalisingly close to statehood. And if in the next few years, the Kurds do manage to bridge their »

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History: Oct 30, 1995 The day “Canada” almost disappeared

Just before the frightening night of Hallowe’en on October 31, when little children dressed as goblins and ghosts and witches go door to door in Canada seeking candy, a much, much more fearful prospect had cast its shadow over Canada. »

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Scotland-England, like Quebec-Canada?

The vote in Scotland on whether to secede from the United Kingdom and become a separate, independent country, is coming down to the wire. It is particularly interesting in Canada where similar referendum votes were held in the mostly French-speaking »


Election campaign begins in province of Quebec

Canada’s predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec is now officially in an election campaign, and election day is April 7. The premier of Canada’s second most populous province, Pauline Marois, made the announcement Wednesday morning (March 5). Elected 18 months ago »