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Road safety should be standardized to save children: researchers

In Canada, each province or territory is responsible for its own rules of the road and they differ from place to place. Researchers say it would reduce death and hospitalization among young Canadians if there were just one code for »


Falling is the most common cause of injury

Every day in 2016-2017, almost 1,800 people in Canada went to hospital emergency rooms as a result of a fall, according to a new report. Research by the non-profit Canadian Institute for Health Information also found that every day there »

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Lightning kills and injures, warns government

Each year, lightning can cause as many as 10 deaths and 164 injuries in Canada, warns the government’s environment department. June 11-17 has been declared Lightning Safety Week and the government is drawing public attention to an online map which »

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Syria: ‘Fresh levels of horror’ decried

There has been a 45 per cent increase in casualties across Syria since the creation of four “de-escalation zones,” says the aid agency Save the Children Canada. It is calling on Canada and other countries to press for an end »


Firefighter’s injuries make them ‘working wounded’: study

New research shows that 70 per cent of the firefighters who were studied for one year experienced some pain in their arms, legs and back during that time. That compares with government statistics from 2013 which show that 16 per »

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CFL –no hit practices; fewer injuries-concussions

The Canadian Football League (N.American style football) has announced an immediate policy change in an effort to reduce injuries and concussions. The League and players union together announced an immediate halt to full contact, padded practices during the regular season. »

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McIntyre powder: Policy change for former miners

Previously denied, workers compensation board changes position-but only slightly It was a fine black powder sold to mines around the world that miners were obliged to inhale before each shift underground. The idea was that the aluminium powder would coat »

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Cost of treating bicycle injuries likely soaring: CAA

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is advocating for better bicycle paths and public education to prevent death and injury. Statistics from the United States show the cost of treating bicycle injuries is increasing and reached $24.4 billion for the year »

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Campaign seeks to reduce deaths of road workers

Now that winter is over, work on roads across Canada will intensify and so will the risk to people who work nearby. The national government and the provinces and territories have laws protecting the health and safety of workers and »

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Lab tests boots to prevent falls on snow and ice

In the province of Ontario alone, every year an estimated 21,000 people go to hospital emergency rooms after falling on ice or snow, and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is working to try to reduce that number. Nasty, sometimes fatal accidents »