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The LINK Online, Dec. 13,14,15, 2019

Your hosts are Terry, Levon, and Marc (video of show at bottom) Is it time for Canada to rethink policy regarding China? Working for the Canadian government, Margaret McCuaig Johnston had for decades worked to develop closer ties between Canada »


Exhibition of First Nations headdresses explores issues of diversity and cultural appropriation

Tahatie Montour has been making traditional Haudenosaunee headdresses for over a decade and says his skills could transfer to another profession. “A lot of the ways I look at it, I could be a florist,” said Montour, who is Mohawk »


Labrador Innu slam Ottawa’s foot dragging on funding for foster care program

The federal government’s indecision in funding a critical community-developed foster care program for Innu children in Labrador is leading to devastating loss of identity, culture and language in dozens of children who are placed in care far from their communities »

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More bad news for caribou

The Cree of northern Quebec are asking the Quebec provincial government to stop all sport hunting of Caribou in the region in 2017-18. The recent summer survey of the Leaf River herd and fall classification census show a massive decline »

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Research into climate and human effects on Hudson Bay

The 2012 documentary film “People of a Feather” told the story of how a giant hydro-electric project in Quebec had changed the lives of the aboriginal hunters in Hudson Bay, and not for the better. Although the hydro-electric mega project »

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Aboriginal children charged $46 extra per room in Quebec hotel

A group of young Innu hockey players and their parents were charged $150 per room, per night for rooms that cost $104 for other customers, at the Château Roberval Hotel, in Lac-St-Jean, Que. The players from the Pre-Novice Pessamit team »