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Extreme cold temperatures in Canada will slow but not stop invasive pest

The insect is called the emerald ash borer. Originally from Asia, its arrival in North America in 2002 has since caused massive destruction to literally millions of majestic ash trees throughout several Canadian provinces and some 35  U.S states. The »

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Ongoing drought making trees vulnerable to insects

Drought is worsening in much of western Canada and that is making trees more vulnerable to insects. In 2014, the mountain pine beetle destroyed 18.1 million hectares of pine forest in the western province of British Columbia and is expanding »

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Bats need natural habitat beside farmland: study

Bats are under threat in North America but new research suggests a way to help them survive. Bats are important because they eat huge quantities of mosquitos and other insects, sometime acting as a natural pesticide on farmland. Bat numbers »