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Small businesses face insurance price hikes or are refused coverage

More than half of small businesses in Canada have seen increases in the cost of insurance premiums in the past year and some cannot get coverage at all, says the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). Without insurance coverage businesses »

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How to mitigate the effects of flood damage from climate change

Report says “keep the wetlands”. Counterpoint response to the IBC study- RCI: Nov 19/18 (Both this article and the subsequent “Counterpoint” have been modified as a result of complaints by Robert Muir (P Eng) to the Radio-Canada Ombudsman regarding inaccuracies »

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Hurricanes, floods: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet,’says insurance expert

Canadians need to learn from the hurricane and the floods devastating North and South Carolina, says Glenn McGillivray, managing director of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. This is an independent body created by Canada’s insurance industry to reduce the »

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Severe storms incite insurers to warn homeowners

Insurance companies are paying out so much money for damage caused by climate-change-related storms that they are asking homeowners to take precautions. They suggest people make sure their roofs are in good condition and that they maintain their properties on »

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Unusual weather cost $57 million in insured damage

U.S. President Donald Trump may not believe human activity is causing climate change but Canada’s insurance industry certainly does. ‘Climate change is causing severe weather’ “Climate change is causing severe weather events more frequently throughout the year, especially storms involving »


Auto repair fraud revealed by hidden cameras

A major insurance company estimates auto insurance fraud is costing Canadians more than $2 billion every year. Aviva Canada says its investigation “highlights the urgent need to reform the auto insurance system.” The cost to insure a car ranges dramatically »

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Climate change causing severe weather events, says Insurance Bureau

An Insurance Bureau of Canada news release says “climate change is causing severe weather events, especially storms involving floods, to happen more frequently and with greater intensity.” It cites two significant storm and flooding events that occurred around the area »

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Private insurance must pay for medical marijuana: ruling

A human rights board ruled that an employee health insurance plan must pay for prescription marijuana for a man in the eastern province of Nova Scotia. The ruling could prompt similar insurance claims in other provinces. The use of marijuana »

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Amid record claims, insurers call for climate plan

Canada’s insurance companies paid out a record $4.9 billion in damages in 2016 and are calling on governments to better prepare for increasing disasters caused by climate change. Their representative body, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) says the cost »

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Fort McMurray wildfire: Costliest natural disaster in Canadian history

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has released its preliminary report on damage claims from the Fort McMurray wildfire in northern Alberta. The giant forest fire in western Canada was dubbed ‘the beast” because of its size, speed, the destruction »