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60th Anniversary: Black Friday for the Arrow and progress for flying replica

An “Arrow” will fly again! It was on Friday February 20th, 1959, that what was arguably the world’s most advanced jet interceptor programme was cancelled, and not only cancelled but viciously so. The completed planes were ordered destroyed, and even »

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Historic Avro Arrow test model recovered

Postwar intercepter: Conspiracies, myths, legends An early test model of the legendary Canadian Avro Arrow intercepter, has been brought to the surface from the bottome of Lake Ontario where it had lain for over 60 years. The CF-105 Avro (A.V. »

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They found one! Avro Arrow test model located

Latest hi-tech effort finds model on Lake Ontario floor. It has been an ongoing source of often heated debate including allegations of international conspiracies, cover-ups, bureaucratic meddling, a secret flight to a foreign land, and more. The 1950’s era CF-105 »