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International survey indicates trust in key institutions declining

Do you trust government to do the right thing for their citizens? Do you trust the media to tell the story truthfully and fully? Do you trust business on environmental issues, or NGO’s on their claims and efforts. The latest» 

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Anniversary of Radio Canada International, 75 today

Today is an auspicious day for RCI. It was February 25, 1945 that the CBC International Service began shortwave broadcasting to Europe. It was designed at the time to provide accurate news to occupied areas in English French and German,» 

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Canada and United Kingdom announce AI research collaboration

Canada and the United Kingdom announced this morning that they are collaborating with each other to develop and use artificial intelligence technology, by investing $5 million, and £5 million respectively, over the next three years. The funding will go towards» 

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How many days of your life are you losing stuck in traffic?

A new study by TomTom has ranked 416 major cities in 59 countries around the world by the amount of time spent stuck in traffic jams. TomTom is Dutch multinational developer & creator of location technology and consumer electronics such» 

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2020 World democracy Index: worrisome decline

The respected U.K-base Economist through its sister ‘intelligence unit’, has released its 2020 democracy index. It rates the level of democracy in some 167 countries based on five categories”: electoral process and pluralism, the functioning of government, political participation, democratic» 

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It’s back! The pants are off! No pants subway returns

If you’re in any one of dozens of major cities around the world, you might be a bit surprised to see handfuls of riders on the public transit system in their underwear this Sunday afternoon. This is part of a» 

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Warships gather in Baltic

There’s a lot of activity in the Baltic Sea this week. Yesterday saw the start of Northern Coasts (NOCO 2019).  Over 40 surface ships, submarines, related aircraft, and some 3,000 troops are involved from 18 nations including Belgium, Denmark, Germany,» 

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What are Canadians like? Or anyone else for that matter

Government website outlines cultures around the world Want to “understand” Canada, Canadian lifestyle, culture and how to interact with Canadians? Well, there’s a little promoted section of the Canadian government website of Global Affairs Canada and a section called the» 

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Canada’s idea to help African small-scale farmers (interview)

Farm Radio International- 40th year. It was a small idea by a Canadian broadcaster who saw a need in sub-Saharan Africa and realised his skill could help. Begun by George Atkins, the idea was based on a Canadian radio concept» 

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Airlines ratings: on time-or not, and dealing with complaints

In fact a new survey puts two major Canadian airlines near the top and well down on customer satisfaction. The European company, Claim Compass rates some 150 airlines around the world for customer satisfaction in terms of flight delays, and»