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Concern about microplastics in North America’s Great Lakes.

The International Joint Commission (IJC) which monitors water conditions in the Great Lakes of North America, has been studying the increasing concern over microplastics in the system. The IJC has just released IJC) released a report to the governments of »

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WWF-Canada hails ‘win-win-win’ water management plan for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence Seaway

A U.S.-Canada water management project that reconciles the economic importance of the Lake Ontario–St. Lawrence Seaway system and aims to restore the health of its ecosystem, is getting an enthusiastic nod of approval from World Wildlife Fund – Canada. The well-known »

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Report urges more protection for Great Lakes

“Enormous strides” have been made in protecting the Great Lakes at the heart of North America, says a report from the International Joint Commission (IJC), but more needs to be done to meet emerging threats. The commission is a body »