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Pacific nations agree on ‘core elements’ of new TPP trade deal

Canada and the 10 other Trans-Pacific Partnership countries reached an agreement on Friday on “core elements” of the free trade pact, pledging to adhere to strict labour and environment standards, hours after the talks nearly collapsed earlier in the day. »

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COOL: US imposed trade issue continues

It has been a long-standing international trade dispute pitting Canada and Mexico against the US and in spite of consistently losing at the World Trade Organization, the US, is still causing financial harm to a Canadian livestock sector. Begun in »

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TPP trade deal: Economist not convinced of promised benefits

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a vast, comprehensive 12 nation deal, which includes Canada. Many promises have been made to Canadians about how it will open up new markets for Canadian goods. Atif Kubursi (PhD) is professor emeritus of economics at »

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Canadian dairy farmers launch campaign over TPP trade talks

Dairy, egg, poultry worried about trade talks As negotiations near the final stage in a massive international free trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Canada’s dairy industry and others are defending their turf. Canada has a number of supply managed commodities »