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Canadian Food Inspection Agency investigating reports of unsolicited seeds

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released a statement on Tuesday that said they are investigating reports of people receiving unsolicited packages of seeds.  The CFIA warned individuals not to plant any seeds from unknown sources.  “Unauthorized seeds could be »

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Mass Atlantic salmon escape at Pacific fish farm

(public comments may take up to 24h to appear after approval) An electrical fire caused part of a large ocean fish pen to collapse allowing from 20,000-22,000 Atlantic salmon to escape into the Pacific ocean on Friday.  The escape occurred »

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Mathematics vs. the emerald ash borer

This little invasive insect is a killer.  Originally from Asia, and arriving likely in wood shipping pallets in the U.S. around 2000, it was first reported in Canada in 2002. It has since been spreading and killing off vast numbers »

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Quebec declares war on wild boars

Provincial authorities in Quebec are on war footing this fall to repel an invasion of a wily, omnivore animal that if left unchecked, could turn into an irreversible occupation and result in millions of dollars in damage to agriculture and »

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More bad news: Fertile invasive Carp in the Great Lakes

Yet another of the invasive Asian carp species has been found in the Great Lakes. Commercial fishermen in Lake Erie netted a grass carp earlier this month near Point Pelee. The carp was just under a metre long and weighed »

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A ‘crabby’ experience, eco-tourism in Nova Scotia

Come to beautiful Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast and catch crabs. It’s a new project by Parks Canada to deal with the invasive European green crab. Visitors pay $30, and get a bumpy 20 minute all-terrain vehicle ride down »

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When catching a big fish shows there’s a big problem

Big fish, but big problem in St Lawrence Normally a fisherman would be happy to haul in a whopper. But this whopper isn’t supposed to be there, and it represents the potential for a big, and very serious, problem. Two »

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Study: Just a handful of invasive Asian carp could threaten Great Lakes

There have been great concerns in recent years about the possibility of invasive Asian carp taking hold in the Great Lakes. A recent study showed that only a few need to escape into the lakes to potentially create a population. »

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Wild boar a growing concern in Saskatchewan

The large fur-covered and tusked animals were introduced to the province from Russia as exotic livestock in the 1990’s as part of a farm diversification programme.  Some later apparently escaped into the wild where they have adapted easily to Canadian »

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Report: Invasive threats to the Great Lakes :

A new report says the Great Lakes have been invaded by more non-native species than any other freshwater system in the world. The study looks at three potential scenarios for the lakes related to invasive species: a pessimistic scenario where »