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Sniffer dogs now detecting crop disease

We know that dogs have a vastly superior sense of smell compared to humans.  They have up to 300 million olfactory sensors in the nose compared to our roughly six million. The part of their brain which analyses smell is »

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Asian carp, ash borer beetles, and now giant hornets

Various Canadian agencies concerned with the environment have been battling invasive species for years, and now a destructive new threat has arrived. A giant hornet from Asia has now joined threats from the invasive fish species known as Asian carp »

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Extreme cold temperatures in Canada will slow but not stop invasive pest

The insect is called the emerald ash borer. Originally from Asia, its arrival in North America in 2002 has since caused massive destruction to literally millions of majestic ash trees throughout several Canadian provinces and some 35  U.S states. The »


Update on 3 iconic species at risk

A new report from the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), says that three species identified with Canada are now at increased risk. In less that 20 years, the group says an invasive beetle has killed »

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Zebra mussels rapidly colonized World Heritage Site

Invasive zebra mussels have rapidly colonized the Rideau River including the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. A study published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology is said to be the longest-know monitoring »

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Beetle killed millions of trees, arrives in yet another province

The emerald ash borer, originally from Asia, has killed millions of trees in North America and has newly been found in Canada’s eastern province of New Brunswick. The bright green beetle invaded the province of Ontario in 2002, spread to »


Increasing number of severe infections mystifies doctors

There are increasing cases of invasive Group A strep infection in Canada, sometimes necessitating amputation or intensive care in hospital, and sometimes causing death. Health officials are not sure why the numbers have gone up over the last 15 years. »

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Christmas trees chopped for conservation

Chopping down spruce trees in a particular protected area is okay, in fact is encouraged by conservationists in the western province of Saskatchewan. It may seem odd, but the Nature Conservancy of Canada is inviting people to come to the »

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Noxious giant hogweed plant spreading in Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is urging Canadians to document sightings of the giant hogweed plant which it says can pose a serious health hazard for humans. The extremely invasive plant is thought to have come to Canada from Asia »

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The race against the Emerald ash borer-

The fight is on, but the alien invader has the big advantage.  Montreal will lose another 3,000 of its lush ash trees this year, victims of an alien invader from Asia. The emerald ash borer (eab)  is a brilliant green »