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Drone attacks on Saudi oil installation: economic and geopolitical effect

Two Saudi oil refineries suffered a surprise attack on Saturday by drone or small cruise-type missiles. The U.S is blaming Iran and rattling its sabre. The regional Houthi rebels in Yemen however are claiming responsibility. World oil prices are affected,» 

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Washington and Tehran at impasse as Trump threatens Iran with ‘obliteration’

Washington and Tehran have reached a dangerous impasse as U.S. President Donald Trump threatened on Tuesday to obliterate parts of Iran if it attacked “anything American,” with Iranian officials calling White House actions “mentally retarded,” says a Canadian expert on» 

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Persian Gulf tensions have not affected Canadian airlines

While several international airlines are scrambling to reroute flights over the Persian Gulf amid growing tensions between the U.S. and Iran, Canadian airlines say the crisis has had no bearing on their operations. Several airlines rerouted flights Friday to avoid» 

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Iran-US tensions, cranked up another two notches

World oil prices climbed today on the news that Iran shot down a U.S. drone in a further incident in the latest escalation of tensions between the two countries. The U.S. has already accused Iran of attaching mines to oil» 

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Iran regrets Canadian vote against restoring diplomatic relations, foreign minister

Iran regrets the decision by Canada’s House of Commons to freeze the process of restoring diplomatic ties between the two countries, Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif said Thursday. “Unfortunately, in Canada there are big misconceptions about Iran that» 

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House of Commons votes against restoring ties with Iran

The Trudeau government’s surprising decision Tuesday to back a Conservative motion in the House of Commons denouncing Iran puts an end to the Liberals’ quest of normalizing relations with Tehran in the foreseeable future, experts say. In a reversal of» 

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Iran Nuclear weapons deal: ticking time bomb

U.S President Trump has withdrawn support for an internationally negotiated deal to get Iran to end a programme to produce nuclear weapons.  While some insist the deal was not effective, others insist it was and was providing a measure of» 


Canada closely monitors deadly Iran protests: Global Affairs

Despite having no embassy or diplomats posted to Iran, officials with Global Affairs Canada say they are closely monitoring the increasingly deadly protests as the country’s supreme leader on Tuesday blamed unnamed foreign nations for the growing unrest. “In recent» 

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Canadian officials make first visit to Iran since 2012

CBC reporter Nahlah Ayed and the Globe and Mail report that Canadian government officials are visiting Tehran for the first time since the Canadian embassy there was closed in 2012. There have been several meetings between officials of Canada and Iran elsewhere» 

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Canada history: Jan 27,1980- The famous “Canadian Caper” rescue

It was January 27, 1980, a Sunday At 7:35 in the morning, a Swissair jet left Tehran airport with 6 very special passengers on board holding Canadian passports, apparently a Canadian film crew. But they were not Canadians, nor were»