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Canadians object to Iran’s seizures of Baha’i lands

Several Canadians in the legal profession have written to Iran’s chief justice denouncing court orders legalizing the seizure of lands owned by members of the Baha’i religious minority. Members of this minority have been persecuted for over a hundred years. »

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Black box data confirms ‘illegal interference’ with downed jet, says Ukraine

The transcript of data from the black boxes of a Ukrainian passenger jet shot down by Iran on Jan. 8 confirms the fact of “illegal interference” with the plane, Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister said Friday. Ukrainian officials are waiting for »

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Voice data recovered from downed Ukrainian passenger jet

Experts at the French air accident investigation body, BEA, on Monday successfully downloaded data from the cockpit voice recorder of a Ukrainian airliner shot down by Iran in January. Fifty-five Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents of Canada were among »

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Countries of Flight PS752 victims to press Iran for ‘full reparations’

Canada and four other countries whose citizens died when the Iranian military mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet in January are formally joining forces in negotiations with Tehran to seek “full reparations,” according to a letter sent to the »

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Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian jet to France in July: UN agency

Iran will send the black boxes from a Ukrainian passenger jet shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in January to France to be deciphered next month, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) said today. Fifty-five Canadian citizens and »

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Families of victims of downed Ukrainian flight accuse ICAO of double standards

The families of those killed on Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 are expressing frustration over the UN aviation agency’s apparent inability to condemn the destruction of the passenger jet by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Fifty-five Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents »

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Do not resume flights in Iranian airspace, demand families of downed Flight 752

The families of those who died in the destruction of Flight 752 are calling on European and international airlines to call off any talks with the Iranian government on resuming flights in the country’s airspace until Tehran fully cooperates with the investigation and »


A female Iranian freestyle footballer trains at a park in Tehran

Iranian freestyle footballer Hosna Mirhadi, 23, wears a protective face mask and gloves as she trains with a ball, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at a park in Tehran, Iran, May 5, 2020. WANA (West Asia News Agency)/Ali Khara via REUTERS »


100 days after, the families of Flight 752 victims refuse to be forgotten

One hundred days after his wife and nine-year-old daughter — along with the 174 other passengers on Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 — died in a ball of fire in the clear night sky over Tehran, Hamed Esmaeilion still wakes up »

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Ottawa vows ‘relentless pursuit of justice’ as world marks 100 days of PS752

Canadian officials are pledging to be “relentless” in their pursuit of justice for the victims and families of downed Flight 752 as they mark 100 days since the crash that killed all 176 people on board, including 55 Canadians. The »