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A’ Ceangal nan Gàidheal: Àrd-Choinneamh Eadarnàiseanta nan Gàidheal*

The Scots are coming! Indeed, Canada will host a first ever international summit meeting of Gaels in Canada to discuss issues of Gaelic identity and culture. Many places in Canada, more so from Ontario eastward, owe their original to Scottish »

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Musical cross-pollination: French Quebec- Ireland

St Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, and in Montreal this weekend. one of the oldest, if not the oldest continuously held St Patrick’s parades will occur with lots of Irish sounding music. And that’s not unusual in this mostly »


Exhibit chronicles nuns’ care of Irish immigrants

Tens of thousands of people fled the disease and misery of the Irish potato famine in the 1800s and came to Canada sick and poor. In Montreal, three orders of nuns led by the Grey Nuns fed and cared for »

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St Patrick’s Day- Canada

In mid-March in Canada, the population of “Irish” seems to suddenly grow exponentially, and although in many parts, white snow is often still very much present, lots of “green” appears as well. It’s all to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. St. »

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Major international celtic festival in Quebec

It’s perhaps not widely known but the mostly French-speaking province of Quebec has a very strong celtic background. Although the original names have been changed by various Francophone governments, a great many towns and villages throughout the province actually were »

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Canadian book on learning Old Irish gaelic

The new book designed to help those interested in learning about Old Irish © supplied Understanding ancient languages can sometimes solve certain mysteries about the origin of present day words. Ranke de Vries PhD, Professor in the Deapartment of Celtic Studies »