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ISIS terrorist claims he’s Canadian

A man who is now believed to be the masked man featured in several threatening and horrific ISIS propaganda videos, says he comes from Canada. Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed was captured by Kurdish forces during a gun battle in Syria against» 

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Returning jihadis: to kill or re-integrate?

Daesh, or the “Islamic State” is crumbling. (comments open-to post or read comments, scroll to bottom of page) Several countries involved in the fight against Daesh have said it would be better if their citizens who had joined the terrorist» 

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Canadian advisors in Iraq pause, hospital stays on

It’ll be slightly smaller, but the Liberal government announced that the Canadian combat hospital in Iraq will stay on. On the other hand, the approximately 200 Canadian Forces Special Operations personnel who have been advising and assisting both Iraqi and» 

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Hussen says 1200 Yazidis will be in Canada by year’s end

The government says it has settled nearly 800 Yazidi women and girls and others fleeing atrocities committed by militants belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen shared the figures in the House of Commons» 

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Canadian military helps fight Daesh in remaining stronghold

It is believed there are up to 2,000 Daesh (ISIS)  holed up in the northern Iraqi city Hawija,one of their last strongholds which they have held since 2014. A battle for the city of about 150,000 in northern Iraq has» 

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ISIS and the internet- turning a tool into a weapon

The young man who has lived next door for years suddenly grows a beard and starts criticizing western life; the young woman you’ve seen growing up, stops wearing make-up, begins to dress much more conservatively. One day, they disappear. It’s» 

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Canadian aircraft still fighting Daesh

Under Canada’s previous Conservative government, six CF-18 fighter jets had joined the US-led coalition bombing mission in 2014 against the terrorists in Iraq and Syria. In February of this year,  a few months after being elected, the federal Liberal government» 

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Policy shift: ISIS or ISIL no longer

In an apparent policy shift,  Canadian government agencies will no longer refer to a well-known terrorist group as ISIS, or ISIL (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The preamble to a federal» 

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No end in sight to battle against ISIS

Whether you call is ISIS, ISIL, or DAESH, Canada’s top military officer says the battle isn’t over, and the end is not in sight. Gen. Jonathan Vance, Chief of Defence Staff, spoke this week in an interview on the CBC» 

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Documentary film: A Jihadi in the Family

Imagine the shock to learn your son or daughter, who grew up watching cartoons, playing with friends, enjoying sports and music, suddenly, very suddenly, disappeared.  Then later you discover they have joined ISIS and are fighting as extremist jihadis in»