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Canadian astronaut gives final press briefing before returning to Earth

After spending more than six months in space, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will return to Earth on Monday, June 24. As he is getting ready to leave, Saint-Jacques gave a final press briefing on Wednesday morning on the International Space »

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 Canadian heading to space

A Canadian is now orbiting Earth, along with a Russian and American, heading towards the international space station. David Saint-Jacques, a 48-year-old doctor and astro-physicist, blasted off aboard a Soyuz spacecraft with the two others in a trouble-free lift off »

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Tomorrow is World Rhino day: Will poaching wipe them out?

(public comments allowed on all RCI stories- form is at bottom)  If you have never seen a rhino in the wild, It’s possible you never will, and at the present rate, very probably that your children won’t. September 22 is »

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Canadians start NASA astronaut school

As children across Canada and the US prepare to start back to school after the summer holidays, so too are a couple of very special Canadians. They are starting astronaut school this week at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, »

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Calgary light conversion observed from space

Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, has undergone a transformation that has changed the night from orange to blue. After replacing 80,000 street lights with new LED bulbs the city expects to save $5 million (Cdn) a year in electricity »